The DAPR group is your full-service guide for the North American market.
We are expert brand-builders and have strong relationships with major national and specialty retailers, the top consumer product companies, broadcasters and more. Whether you need a comprehensive and hands-on guide to building a North American presence for your brand, or you simply need some guidance on product packaging or selling to retail, we’ll introduce you to the right people and help you maximize your success.

Our Services

Retail Development
  • Develop a retail strategy across all licensed categories
  • Build an integrated brand plan across licensees, customized to each retailer
  • Work with licensees to provide brand information across categories, helping them sell to buyers more successfully
  • Work directly with retailers to secure incremental and promotional placement
  • Create brand pull togethers, including corrugate programs
  • Build awareness by working with licensees to help them cross promote each other’s products, building awareness across the brand portfolio – ultimately increasing sell in and sell through
  • Custom products and promotions
  • Recommend pricing strategies based on marketplace analysis
  • Coordinate social media support with brand and licensees to drive consumers to retail
  • Identify and execute on draft and seasonal opportunities
  • Maximize on market trends
  • Assist owners and producers with finding the best distribution home for their product
  • Assist distributors with finding the best content for their portfolios
  • Introduce clients to key account buyers
  • Lead retailer meetings
  • Assist with sales pipeline, forecasting, returns management
  • Develop a brand plan
  • Identify appropriate consumer product categories
  • Create pitch materials for potential licensees
  • Present to and secure top licensees in each category
  • Ensure all products maintain brand integrity and build brand equity
  • Identify TV and digital platforms for content
  • Assist with pitch deck and pitch
  • Facilitate and attend potential broadcaster meetings
  • Advise on and assist with negotiating deal points
Branding & Product Development
  • Develop style guides
  • Create logos
  • Product packaging
  • Website design
  • Design retail signage, displays
  • Create sales and marketing materials
  • Design ads web & print
  • Promotional TV/web spots

We’re your guide to the North American market. We’ll help you design a comprehensive launch plan to maximize your success in North America. We’ll make recommendations and introductions to top broadcasters, develop a product and retail strategy, identify potential partners and licensees, build marketing and promotional plans, all the while maintaining and enforcing brand values.
Whether you’re simply looking for expertise and guidance or a more day-to-day implementation, we can customize a plan for you.

Reinvigorate a Classic Brand With tremendous success we reintroduced the 80's and 90's classic on DVD and gave it a fresh look for today's kids while maintaining its appeal for collectors.

Launch a new brand at retail We created and executed the home entertainment retail strategy and successful launch in North America plan for The Octonauts, which airs on Disney Junior.

Product Development We know what works at retail. We've got a long history of working closely with retailers to develop consumer packaging that is compelling and looks great on shelf. In fact, we've won industry awards (not to mention buyer accolades!) for our packaging design!

Capitalize on a Smash-Hit We created a new pricing, product art and retail strategy to maximize placement and revenue for the final season and catalog titles of Downton Abbey in Home Entertainment.

Pull it All Together We are cross-promotional experts and have a long history of successfully creating and executing cross-category promotions at major retail

Create an Effective Retail Strategy We created a new retail, pricing and product strategy for the PBS Kids Home Entertainment business, tripling their market share in the first 12 months.

Our Team


team-prDebbie Ries is an industry veteran, with nearly 30 years of experience in Home Entertainment, publishing, licensing and live events. Most recently Debbie was the General Manager of the Wholesale division at PBSD, managing overall distribution strategy and children’s content acquisitions. Before PBS, Debbie founded NCircle Entertainment, which with its strong portfolio of content and broad distribution, grew to be the #1 independent studio for children’s DVD before her departure in early 2014. Debbie was also the Global SVP for Hit Entertainment, and played a key role in launching and building iconic kids’ franchises including Barney the Dinosaur, The Wiggles, Thomas the Train and many others. Under the DAPR Group, Debbie will be managing new, non-PBS children’s acquisitions for PBS Distribution’s new children’s label, SkipRope.


team-prAlexandra Ries is a retail expert and was most recently the Vice President of Sales, North America at PBS Distribution, managing the sales and retail business for the iconic PBS portfolio of brands. In addition to sales and retail development, Alex oversaw pricing strategy, retail marketing and product development. Prior to PBS, Alex was a founding member of NCircle Entertainment, where she ultimately led as Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Under the DAPR Group, Alex will be managing the U.S. Shopkins retail strategy and retail development for The Licensing Shop.


team-prPatricia Ries is a product and branding specialist. Patricia is a leading designer for children’s consumer products, and has managed product design, branding and retail signage/POP for many of the top children’s brands, including The Octonauts, The Super Mario Bros., The Cat in the Hat and others. Patricia currently manages DVD design for the PBS Kids DVD portfolio and retail displays. Patricia has a long history of creating innovative and best-in-class promotional displays to create exciting brand statements at major retail. Patricia is also a branding expert who develops logos, style guides, websites and advertising and marketing campaigns.




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